We are contributing to the improvement of human health through microbiome research.
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    • Probiotics R&D

      NVP Healthcare researches special probiotics to care the disease with priority on 3 categories of immunity, spirit and metabolism, which are considered as ¡°basic elements for maintaining a healthy life¡±. We pursue a paradigm shift of functional probiotics through control of microbiome, and prove their functionality based on human studies equivalent level to the clinical studies of pharmaceutical drugs.
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    • DuoBiome Technology

      By using Duobiome technology which is our sole technology for strain combination, we develop special probiotics with two strains derived from human and plant respectively for double-caring of a specific disease as well as intestinal health.
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    • Pharmabiotics R&D

      NVP Healthcare performs R&D of pharmabiotics, which is the innovative new drug to cure intractable diseases such as Alzheimer, fatty liver and cancer by using various microorganisms isolated from the intestinal microbiota of healthy people.
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    • BioGnostic Technology

      NVP Healthcare researches and develops biomarkers for new drug development and diagnosis through the analysis of human microbiome data of more than 1000 species based on the mechanism of intestinal microbiota control for each disease.